Wait…HUH?! Top 10 Smart-Dumb Rappers

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lupe “Conscious MC” Talib Kweli recently condemned Rick Ross’ r@pey rappity-raps then defended his right to say them because of social conditioning/urban decay blaaahblibbityblaaah. Famously-“fake-deep,” Talib SEEMS intelligent (like every rapper on this list) but never really knows what he’s talking about. Here are the ten smart-dumbest rappers in the game. Take a look.
lupe-fiasco-removed-from-stage-after-anti-barack-obama-comments-0 Lupe Fiasco Easily the smart-dumbest of ALL rappers, Lupe believes Obama is a terrorist and shared this on a 20-minute anti-Obama song during Inauguration before being tossed off-stage like Jazz on “FreshPrince.”
talib-kweli-so-disgusting Talib Kweli Soooo “intellectual,” yet soooo loud and wrong when it matters, Talib is the perfect example of a smart-dumb celeb who uses 27-letter SAT words to distract you from his flawed logic.
Kanye-West-The-College-Dropout-Bear-600x420-5080 Kanye West Yeezy scoffed at higher-education (“College Dropout”) then rapped like an uneducated, leather capri-wearing bozo. AIDs = man-made disease dropped in Africa to break up the Black Panthers? Ye’s thoughts, not ours.
Handsome rappers Clifford “T.I.” Huxtable The 8-time felon-turned-wholesome TV dad uses all kinds of extravagant multi-syllable words (and probably was the head of his prison class) but fell for the ’ole spicy chicken strip on a string-trick and caught gun charges. SMH.
MosDefMrMass Yasiin Bey Mos Def Mighty Mos was the premier intellectual MC who rapped about issues like water quality on his debut “Black on Both Sides” then went on “Real Time with Bill Mayer” and embarrassed himself. Bin Laden had NOTHING to do with 9-11? OK, Mos.
00-nas-i_can-(promo_cds)-2002-front Nas The legendary MC proved his elite smart-dumbness on “I Can” where he drops knowledge that’s 100% wrong. On wax, he’s a Rap philosopher. Real life? Deep as a puddle.
rick-ross-motorsport-jordan Rick Ross Rawse read ONE book then rapped about everything he learned on “Free Mason.” Famously-ignorant, the ex-Corrections Officer-turned-r@pey rapper never knows what he’s talking about.
kendrick-lamar Kendrick Lamar The super-talented MC challenges you mentally and spiritually on records but said he doesn’t believe in voting or anything Government-related for reasons that only make sense to him.
image Jay Electronica Erykah Badu’s third baby daddy says so much while saying nothing at all. On “Exhibit C,” he raps like he’s read every book in the library when, in reality, it’s just fake-deep gibberish.
ghostface Ghostface The scatterbrained philosopher is the greatest to ever rap about absolutely nothing, consistently. His bars may sound "complex" but they’re really just random thoughts and words that sound dope together.

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