Hey, Look At Me: Top 10 Most Desperate Publicity Stunts

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kim-kardashian-and-ray-j-e1349180265225 Without internet-fueled popularity, most celebs would be non-muthafawkin factors. In most cases, they manipulate the media with carefully-crafted drama to avoid slipping from the A to D or even Z-List. Coincidences in the entertainment industry? Never. Here are the ten most desperate publicity stunts. Take a look.
I-Hit-It-First-single-cover-1024x1024 Ray-J “I Hit It First” Brandy’s little brother swears he’s Jazmine Sullivan and would bust the windows out of Kimmie Cakes’ cars if he could. Diss a pregnant woman who you smashed 17 Lil Kim faces ago to be “relevant?” Why not?
Beyonce-Bow-Down-600x597 A$AP Bey “Bow Down” Bey Bey went to sleep a “woman empowering feminist” and woke up as Gangsta Boo. Desperate for buzz, she evolved into a “Trust No B*tch”-minded hoodrat who’d steal from Citi Trends and failed.
Brian McKnight Show Me How Brian McKnight teaches little-known lady part facts That awkward moment when BRIAN MCKNIGHT navigates a spaceship through a woman’s love tunnel while singing the creepiest coochie carol ever.
frankocean Frank Ocean’s perfectly-timed sexuality reveal Frankie O revealed his sexuality two weeks before album dropped, gained 500K Twitter followers & pushed album release date up. Flawless victory.
lil-wayne-drinking-syrup Weezy fake dies to promote album If your hype-free album dropped a week after Justin Timberlake’s, you would fake die to generate buzz, too.
tumblr_m24w91kqd81qj3f95o1_cover 50 Cent disses everyone in the entire industry on ONE song 50 was a Rap nobody struggling to find an audience until he dropped “How To Rob”—a step-by-step guide on how to get shot nine times & nearly die.
kanye-west-drops-new-rant-in-paris Kanye’s Grown a$$ 5th Grader Tour Yeezy ranted and screamed into mics during every show while dressed as an evil Easter bunny because that’s what self-obsessed attention slores do.
common-vs-drake Lightskin Wars: Common vs. Drake This gourmet vegan “beef” was the glittery knife battle from the “Beat It” video in rap form. Common’s album needed buzz and Drake was clearly bored (and light-skinned).
miminickifeature Death of American Idol: Mimi vs. Nicki You knew Idol was dead when they featured a fight between the legendary Mariah Carey (200 million albums sold) and her completely-worthless co-judge (4 million albums sold) to boost ratings.
Kanye West Taylor Swift Kanye creates “Taylor Swift, Pop superstar” Taylor went from “0 results found” on Google to selling 1.2 million albums in seven days. Don’t be shocked if that infamous moment was scripted.

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