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Denzel Washington, wife Pauletta, and her pillow purse attended the American Gangster premiere in Hollyweird last night. Denzel is definitely getting chastised for rockin the Blood Diamond Russ white sneaker look. Them thangs ain’t even crispy at all…he could’ve at least threw on a fresh pair.

More images from that event:



  • My Business

    Dang I love Denzel hey Boo you looking good!

  • Royal Chocolate

    They look great!

  • Setting the Record Straight

    Denzel, come on!!

    Zoot Suits went out in the 50s lol

    for all you kiddies out there, old G’s would wear that.

    Nicey look like she got on that Baby Phat dress hanging in my closet. lol

    Paula looks great, love that Prada handbag she sportin

  • Setting the Record Straight

    oh and Michelle Williams?

    idk who lied to you, but rail thin ain’t cute. eat some beef

    beef…its whats for dinner

  • La. Finest

    Denzel lookin fine from the neck up. He need to throw that fit and jacket in the garbage. Paula look nice, hate the purse.

  • Mzgapeach

    LOL @ Setting the Record Straight

    They look nice……

  • dontaskme4shyt

    I’m not feelin Denzy’s get-up!

    Ms. Williams is wayyy too skinny. Her arms are puny!!!

    Damon is aging in a bad way. Me no like!

  • Shasta

    Poor Michelle. She has a few dollars, connections and could probably get a man or a life if she didn’t have that low self esteem crown sitting on her head. Why is she trying to put on a Kerry

    Washington pose?


  • Kay

    Denzel is my man and all…I love him to death, but he looks very tired in this picture….That suit looks like PJ’s….

  • Kay

    Didn’t get a close up of Michell till now…Boo, your face is like 10x’s darker than your body!!!! Like someone took your head and put on someone elses body!!! WTF?????

  • Marquella

    Michelle needs to smile. She is a beautiful young lady, and a smile of self love would go a long way. My daddy told me if you do your mouth like Michelle is doing hers your face gets stuck.

    Denzel and Pauletta look great, but the white shoes with ‘Zel’s outfit, those bangels, and that horrendous green handbag have got to go.

  • lacyd

    I’m mad at what Denzel is wearing.

    I’m mad at his wife’s pillow purse.

    I’m mad that Damon Waynes looks like the crack head he used to play on In Living Color on the picture.

    Also mad that Henry Simmons is prettier than me.

  • Notch

    I love me some Niecy…big gurls rule!!

    Denzel needs a facial scrub..his jaws are starting to look droopy

    Michelle looks like like a boney mess

  • ~Allie.

    I think that I would look alot better on his arm.

    Yes I my love for Denzel has made me hate on Paula.

  • 504okaay


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