Cotdamn! Adrienne Bosh Puts Her Big Azz Mommy Bikini Cakes On Blast On A Puerto Rico Beach! [Pics]

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Exclusive - NBA Basketball Wife Adrienne Bosh Has a Beach Date With Son Jack

So THIS is why Lil Wayne wanted a piece of Chris’ old lady…

Adrienne Bosh Seen In A Bikini On The Beach In Puerto Rico With Son

Adrienne Bosh has gifts, and they are both buoyant and bountiful. Yesterday, Chris’ better half was seen frolicking on the beach with their son, probably trying to take her mind off of the $340,000 worth of goods that were lifted from their Miami home last week.

The short-stacked thickums donned a red bikini that might have been plenty support for most women, but the swimsuit was no match for her king-sized cakes that were ready to bust loose at a moments notice.

Suffice to say, If Chris was into women, there is no doubt that Adrienne would be his dream girl. Chris Bosh is living a good life.

You can see more of Adrienne’s supple cheeks below.

Images via INF

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