Harlem’s American Gangsta

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Jim Jones will skip another bath and will drop a new mixtape called “Harlem’s American Gangsta” on November 6th. Via MissInfotv:

”Harlem’s American Gangsta” is Jim’s way of getting a piece of the current Mr. Untouchable vs American Gangster attention. (he was quick to add, “Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas was both snitches so neither one of them were real American Gangsters to me.”)

Why is it that every time something comes up about Jim Jones recently, Joey Camel’s name is not too far behind? Whatever works for you Jimmy.


  • 504okaay


  • OLA

    jay-z doesnt even need promotion cuz every word that comes out jim jones/50 cent’s mouth pertains to jay-z….they dont like him cuz THEY WANNA BE HIM SO BAD, its really sad

  • Bahama Mama

    Yall don’t smell that?? Someone get him some water and a soap bar, make it two ASAP!!! Even he know he smells,look at the look on his face…..Stinky Mcstink Face

  • 6 Figgas

    I rep Jimmy. You’d have to be a true head to understand why. If you haven’t listened carefully to his last 2 albums, it’d be hard for you to speak.

    Real recognize real.

  • http://myspace.com/w3sp3cial3nt Maggi Baby

    Jones has had a following since what, 2000 now? A lot of dudes that was 13 at the time (myself included) got caught up in the hype (Bloodmania and evrything else) Jim Jones is damn near legendary in Tri-State Area people….

  • bearmedia

    Jim Jones? A gangster? A gangster doesn’t send out press releases.

    He declares that Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes are not gangsters. And the joker with the money avatar– if you really have money do you need to show it… I think not.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Mzgapeach

    JJ……..smelly yet delishis…..

  • me

    ok clearly he has a following. but neither poster has explained why they rep him or follow him. please do so that i may understand. thankyou tons

  • Marquella

    I wouldn’t want to be with a man who doesn’t take a shower. Am I wrong to feel that way?

    I take 2 day.

  • Marquella

    I have the same question as ‘me’.

    I await the answer.

    Thank you.

  • bxbella

    the appeal is his swagger. it works for him. like maggi baby said, jim jones is legendary in the tri-state area. whoever hasn’t heard reppin time needs to asap… if you don’t like him, sit back and relax.

  • me

    ok so his swagger…great. does he have any talent that appeals to you as well? do his lyrics speak to you? is his delivery cool? anything else besides his swagger? and, btw, what all does his “swagger” entail?

  • http://www.myspace.com/ocky_j Octavia

    Jim should shut the hell up and take a shower. Lucas built an empire, but he was a “snitch”??? Well, Jimmy, you are a nut-rider. All you do is run behind Jay-Z trying to draw him into some beef. The funniest part is that he won’t even dignify his whack ass with a response.

  • Bahama Mama

    SWAGGER???? Yall can not be effin serious….dude be lookin like he don’t know the last time he seen a comb, water, or soap….WOW

  • bxbella

    look… we are all entitled to our own opinion. not liking jim jones does not make or break anyone. to answer your questions, me, swagger is unexplainable. it’s the way a person carries themselves. it can be argued that he has a horrible swagger, and for those of you who think that, don’t support him. it’s that simple. his lyrics don’t really speak to me. his delivery is unique. that’s why i like him. many mainstream artists don’t have lyrics that “speak” to an audience… but that doesn’t stop them from being liked any less…

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