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Coolio Got Issues

According to Coolio, he has a damned good reason for being such a mark ass buster:

Coolio [says] he should have gone into therapy after being bullied as a kid and raised by a druggie mom. The rapper, 45, who has caused a stir on CBB, thinks his childhood experiences gave him anger issues.

Coolio, below, claimed: “My mom was already nuts before I was born. “She was pretty hard and harsh. But at the same time, she could be just as loving and caring as anybody’s mom.

“She did drugs and had problems — it affected our relationship. “I got bullied in my pre-teen years so by the time I got to be a teen I probably should have got some therapy. I was messed up in the head. I was a bit prone to violence.”

Jeeze – the cat had a rough time growing up. What a surprise. Folks will reveal anything if they think it will keep them in the spotlight a minute longer. Mission accomplished Cornio.


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