What We Do Wrong? People Who Don’t Seem To Want To Be Black

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Tiger Woods

People Who Don’t Seem To Care About Being Black

Remember the phrase “I’m Black And I’m Proud”? Well these guys totally don’t feel that way. They suddenly (or never) cared about holding up the fist or even trying to acknowledge their race. And when they do they always have some slick comments about how they don’t want to be defined as Black and yadda yadda. We don’t buy any of it. Just go with what your momma and daddy gave you.

Take a look at these celebrities who seem to be too damn ashamed.

Ben Carson

Ben Carson – He’s been on a tear as of late basically throwing Black people under the bus as the new Republican spokesman.


The Rock – He’s half-Black and it took him a while to talk about it.


Tiger Woods – He’s all kabakablasian klakky clow or whatever.

Herman Cain

Herman Cain – He’s called all the Black people who don’t vote Republican jobless. Way to turn your back, buddy.


LL Cool J – He totally just turned in his Black card with that country isht.


Sammy Sosa – That bleached skin thing is a sign of “I don’t want to be Black” if there ever was one.

Stacy Dash attends the 32nd Annual Playboy Jazz Festival at The Hollywood Bowl

Stacy Dash – She’s turned her back and disowned her heritage live on Fox News during her Republican rant.


Vybz Kartel – Remember this bleached skin isht? SMH.


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