Cold Wars: Top 10 Celebrities Who Secretly Hate Each Other But Don’t Directly Say It

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Celebrities Who Hate Each Other On The Low

The celebrity world is just so full of egos and personalities that cause some celebrities to clash. Feuds and beefs form and things get ugly. Usually, when this happens we hear all about it. But sometimes the feuds are under the radar and we don't hear about them. Worry not, we know what the deal is. With that said, here are some feuds that aren't on the surface but we've heard plenty about.
rita vs rihanna Rihanna and Rita Ora - Rihanna allegedly felt a certain way about Rita being brought on and there was a secret rivalry since.
drake-kanye Kanye and Drake - Kanye felt some sort of way about Drake taking Amber out on a date right after they broke up. Yeezy even took Drake off the "All Of The Lights" song and it's been cold ever since.
drake-serves-jay-z-and-beyonce Beyonce and Drake/Lil Wayne - Remember Lil Wayne saying he'd kidnap Bey? She probably hasn't forgotten and she's here looking right past Drake.
outkast Outkast - Big Boi has been diplomatic but he seems to be as tired of Andre 3000's BS as we are. Damn shame, too.
tale-of-the-tape-amber-rose-vs-kim-kardashian-bossip-settles-it Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian - They've insinuated bad blood since they each chopped down each other's exes, but there hasn't been direct shade.
kanye wiz khalifa coachella 2011 Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa - And we all know that Wiz hasn't been appreciative of Kanye trashing Amber in all of his music.
Lebron James LeBron James and Kobe Bryant - These two do NOT like each other. They play nice for cameras but there's some serious dislike between the two. Just look at how Kobe tried to show up LeBron in the last two All-Star Games.
nas-disses-lil-wayne Nas and Biggie - They had a cold war feud back in the 90s when Biggie made "Kick In The Door" about Nas. No one knew about that until 2001.
Kim-Kardashian-and-Beyonce Kim K. and Beyonce - We've heard Bey doesn't want to be associated with Kimmy (even though Kim's camp denies it) and that hasn't seemed to change.
Tisha Campbell Duane Martin Will Smith Jada Pinkett Jada Pinkett-Smith and Duane Martin - We know Jada feels a certain way about Will and Duane. No doubt she hates him.

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