Delete, Delete, Delete: 9 Celebrities Whose Lives Almost Ended Because Of Text Messages

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Celebrities Doomed By Text Messages

Some people should just get their phones taken away. We get that it helps people get business done, but sometimes they should just leave it to the managers to handle all the business, as text messages have gotten them in some serious trouble. Just take a look at these 10 celebrities whose texts damn near ended their livelihoods as we know them.
tiger-woods-elin-nordegren1 Tiger Woods - He got busted sending bimbos a million texts that his wife of course found. Dumb dumb.
rihanna-chris-brown221 Chris Brown - Rihanna checked his texts and he beat her over it. Damn, Breezy, what was in the text?!
Jesse James Jesse James - Sandra Bullock put him on blast by sharing texts he'd sent to his crazy boo Kat Von D.
shaq-and-vanessa-lopez-e1337976401674 Shaq - He got put on blast for sending Vanessa Lopez rendezvous tweets. Oops.
spitzerWENN Eliot Spitzer -His political career was ruined when he got caught sending texts to women of the night for a little fun time.
eva_longoria_tony_parker_divorce Tony Parker - He got dumped by Eva Longoria for texts he sent to his teammate's wife. Alex Rodriguez - His marriage was ruined when texts got to his wife...and Madonna was involved. D'oh.
weiner Anthony Weiner - Yes, his dirty picture was sent via Twitter but he'd also sent 200 texts to the woman he was having an affair with and government documents proved it.
Ryan Phillippe Demi Lovato Ryan Phillipe - He had to break up with Reese Weatherspoon when she caught him texting groupies.

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