Forever Oscar-Unworthy: Top 10 WORST Actresses On Earth

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janet-jackson There’s not much difference between the elite, tolerable and unbearable actresses in Hollywood. Globally-frowned upon, these hopeless screen sores consistently ruin otherwise decent movies or shows. Here are the ten worst actresses on the planet. Take a look.
beyonce-as-etta-james-in-cadillac-records-1 Beyonce Bey Bey’s raggedy bird’s nest wig in “Obsessed” had a better performance than she did. Be honest, you know she can’t act (or speak) worth a crispy damn.
Why Did I Get Married Too - Janet Jackson Janet Jackson She’s either whispering or weeping like a freshly iron-burned “Penny” in movies. Iconic Pop superstar? Yes. Tolerable actress? HELL no.
halle-berry Halle Berry Her ageless beauty has always overshadowed her cringe-worthy “acting” in forgettable movies. At 46, she’s the most beautiful terrible actress in Hollywood.
jumping the broom paula patton Paula Patton Robin Thicke’s swirly Goddess is stunning with the screen presence of Keri Hilson’s toe corns. Nope.
2-diary_of_a_mad_black_woman Kimberly Elise She’s always crying and screaming and rolling across floors like Mama Payne when her bird died on “Martin.” Her struggly “Why he don’t love me no’mo?”-cry faces? Stressful.
gabrielle-union_528_poster Gabrielle Union Snobby, uppity and corny in real life. Snobby, uppity and corny in movies. For years, she’s played the same character in every movie: Her tragically-snooty self.
433864_large Lisa Raye The gorgeous struggle actress is a talentless one-trick pony who will forever be “Diamond” from “The Players Club.”
meagan_good_35_ticking_VoBMHbf Megan Good Always the pretty but sleazy slorebucket and never a respectable character worth more than a fist-full of dirty pennies. Her acting range? Strong 0.
rihanna-interview_l Rihanna RiRi delivered an Oscar-worthy performance on ABC’s “20/20” then made you wish for her death in “Battleship.”
8829dbbde770a8fab718c0a85ca0a10d94122531 Kristen Stewart The unbearable “Twilight” star acts like an awkward corpse that doesn’t know it died years ago. Worst white actress in Hollywood.

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