Russell Simmons and Kim Porter: Absinthe and Good Times

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Kim Porter and Russell Simmons were seen at the Sundance party sponsored by Le Tourment Vert – the official absinthe sponsor of Sundance this year. If you Bossip Folk don’t know, Absinthe, is a serious alcohol. They call it, The Green Fairy, because you will be seeing green fairies and sh*t after a couple sips.

Pop the hood to see Russ, and Kim hugged up with random Caucasian friends…



  • Nigga Said

    I’ve been wanting to try Absinthe ever since I saw “Eurotrip”.


    can someone spell that for me the way its pronounced?

  • TripleA

    LOL.. I tried it once.. it was the nastiest stuff ever (not to say i wouldn’t try it again!!) But i didnt have any hallucinations.. maybe i will have to try it again!!

  • TripleA

    the kind i had had is called LUCID


    KIm has NOT aged well… or maybe its just bad lighting, idk, she just doesnt have the carefee look of a kept-woman!

  • charlieblanko


    @triple A, you gotta go to Europe to get the real shit. I hear this american stuff is not the real, and you wont see shit.

  • snitchette

    its vert not ver, thats why “green” ingornant BOSSIP

  • v-fromROCK

    Wow green fairies, now you peeked my interest.

  • Slim

    I noticed that too. I know after 13 years running down a man or tryn to keep up with him will wear your azz down. She looks tired and probably needs a “strong drink”.

  • BlackBeauty

    This is not a good look for Kim. She looks like she is worn out. Girl, let the nannies handle the kids for a while, go somewhere and get you some rest. Puffy done drove this girl to drinking. SMH

  • The Foosa

    If you like the taste of black liquirce, you’ll probalby like the taste of Absinthe.

  • zappy

    Everytime you see Kim now she looks worse and worse. I am going to give her a pass because she has all those kids and some are toddlers. But come on now. How she expects to start an acting career looking like that?

  • Raquel26

    Is she really a man?

    Her face looks real hardbody right there along the jaw line…….I’m just saying.

  • Oh Really?

    Nah… Kim P. just needs some new good dick to squirt down in them fertile twin baby making tubes. She just needs some new good dick in her life.

  • We "Blacks" Are The Real Hebrew Israelites

    Don’t waste your money. The Absinthe they sell here in the States isn’t the same as say..the kind you can get in Northern Europe. Tried some in Amsterdaam (tried a lot of shit in Amsterdaam, let’s keep it real) and it knocked me on my ass. Hell of a hangover the next morning too.

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