In White Folks News: Mila Kunis And Ryan Gosling Named Most Smashable Celebrities In Hollyweird….Do You Agree?

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Mila and Ryan are the top celebrity chop-down fantasies according to a new poll….

Mila Kunis And Ryang Gosling Named Most Desirable Celebrities

A new online poll has crowned mini-caked Hollyweird actress Mila Kunis and man-banger Ryan Gosling the most “fawkable” people of the limelight.

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Mila Kunis already has an Esquire title to her name. Now she can add another similar, albeit more inappropriately named crown.

The actress garnered 41 percent of the votes based on Details’ online poll and was crowned the winner “of your s**ual fantasies” … according to readers.

Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence were runners-up.

On the men’s side, everyone’s fantasy boyfriend Ryan Gosling beat the field handily, with 50 percent.

Behind Gosling ithe n “Most F–kable Celebrity” poll were Zac Efron and Adam Levine.

Not a huge surprise, but Ryan was king of this survey, and Mila queen.

Two people we’re sure will agree with these choices? Ashton Kutcher and Eva Mendes.

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