Slore-y Seeds: 10 Celebrities Who Are Sloring Out Their Kids

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West watch LA Lakers, Los Angeles, CA.

Celebrities Who Cash In On Kids

Our kids are our investments in the future. We love them and want the best for them, and deep down we want them to get rich so we can sit on our butts and cash in. Don't we? But our desires have limits. We don't slore the kids out like little circus animals. These celebrities have no problem with that as they slore their kids out to any tabloid and TV show possible. It's a damn shame.
baby-blue-ivy-e1334874737977 Jay-Z and Beyonce - They've kept Blue Ivy private but they're sloring her name away to try to patent it for a new line of baby goods.
Diesel+Edun's launch Party Kimye - Their baby isn't even born and they're trying to put it on blast every chance they get.
midori makeover parlour 260912 Kris Jenner - She got excited for her daughter to make a home video with Ray J. There are no bounds to her desire to slore her kids.
willjadajadengrammys Will and Jada - They've turned their kids into a multimillion dollar conglomerate.
Joe Jackson Michael Joe Jackson - He slored his kids and then tried to slore his dead son's kids too. No shame.
0429_brooke_hogan_hulklotion_00-600x450 Hulk Hogan - He puts his daughter on blast and may or may not be in love with her.
tumblr_la6b1m8Eh61qdsmlyo1_500 Vince McMahon - He has his kids out wrestling and getting the crap kicked out of them in the middle of wrestling rings. Is it that serious?
master p romeo Master P - He threw his Romeo kid out there to be a struggle rapper for the world to see.
1154699-beyonce-matthew-knowles-617-409 Matthew Knowles - He slored Beyonce off back in the day to the star she is now. We guess it paid off.
mtv trl 170806 Rev Run - Look at where that reality show got Jojo smh.

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