Gimmicks Gone Wrong: Top 10 LAMEST Rap Beefs Ever

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JoJo Apology Rap beefs are the ultimate go-to gimmick used by desperate artists to generate buzz for upcoming projects. In most cases, they’re carefully-crafted publicity stunts force-fed to blogs in today’s Twitter beef-obsessed industry. Here are the ten lamest Rap beefs ever. Take a look.
chrisbrown-drake-song-holding Drake vs. Chris Brown Glittery knife fight from the Michael Jackson “Beat It” video in pointless “Rap beef” form.
JoJo Apology JoJo Simmons vs. Juelz Santana The most talentless Simmons dissed an irrelevant rapper famous for wearing bedazzled bandanas and somehow got caught up. We’re sure God hates JoJo.
425 Eminem vs. Mariah Carey Em dreamed of drinking (and gargling) Mariah’s bath water with a silly straw for years before she married the luckiest cornball alive: Nick Cannon. Of course he snapped.
MC-Hammer-Jay-Z-Picture MC Hammer vs. Jay-Z King Hammer dropped a Hovvie Hov diss track (“Run Better Run”) followed by a (hilarious) video where he chases Hov through a forest in slow motion before baptizing the “demonic” MC. Hov’s response: “When he reads all of the nice things I said about [Hammer], he's actually going to be embarrassed.”
Diggy-Simmons-J-Cole J. Cole vs. Diggy Simmons Imagine J. Cole and Diggy slap-boxing in the Chuck E. Cheese parking lot. That’s what this “beef” felt like.
common-vs-drake Waffle-toned Drake vs. cream of wheat-colored Common 100% pure gourmet beef marinated in El DeBarge tears. Top 5 low point in light-skinned rapper history.
091312-music-chief-keef-lupe-fiasco Lupe Fiasco vs. Chief Keef Chicago’s filthiest Garbage Pail Kid threatens to slap everyone’s favorite smart-dumb rapper. Smart-dumb rapper responds with positivity. Filthy Garbage Pail Kid claims his Twitter was hacked. Pointless.
krs_nelly_282685 Nelly vs. KRS-One Perfect example of why the ’ole dusty mandal with church socks-wearing MC never wins against the hot new Rap phenomenon. Photo credit: Instagram
pusha-t-and-lil-wayne Lil Wayne vs. Pusha T Weezy was so sizzurp-wasted that he forgot to actually DISS Pusha-T on his “Pusha-T diss track.” And then Pusha responded. At that point, no one cared.
azrocky Azealia Banks vs. Androgynou$ Rocky No one really knows why Azealia is a “thing” (or how to spell her name) and A$AP dresses like Forever 21 mannequins. Nothing about this makes sense.

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