Which One Would You Hit??

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John Legend and Lenny Kravitz hit up events last night in NYC.

If you had to hit one of these interesting fellows (even though they look similar), Which One???


  • elle


  • GetItGirl

    Neither,they both get around too much.

  • dani

    I would have John Legend sing to me on Friday and I would hit Lenny on saturday..lol

  • red

    nan one, they both look like they sniff booty hole!!

  • Still Got It

    Finally two decent looking guys dressed in nice clothes and not the freaks dressed in clown thug clothes you usually offer when you put men up to this “hit it” test. Keep it up, there are tons of beautiful black men out there (of all heights, hues and shapes) and why you repeatedly choose not to feature them I have no idea.


  • Marquella

    I wouldn’t hit either one of them because they are too promiscuous for my taste.

  • http://vipcornertable.blogspot.com/ caramel_mimi

    Lenny Kravitz

  • Kanyade

    LENNY KRAVITZ hands down. :)

  • jaycee


  • Nina

    Definitely Lenny.

  • naughtymountains


    and i agree with marquella ^^^^

  • http://www.myspace.com/MOTHERSHIP100 MOTHERSHIP

    Neither one of ’em.

  • Bahama Mama

    John Legend has nice lips….as for “hitting” i’ll pass on these two, not my type….

    even tho Lenny is half Bahamain

  • Bahama Mama


  • bigred917

    LENNY TODAY,LENNY TONITE,LENNY TOMORROW ! If I was Lisa Bonet, he would’ve had to take his fine a$$ into the witness protection program; change his name & move away ! I would be his #1 STALKER ! And when we ain’t doin’ the do, he BETTER be singing to me !

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