Come On, Man: 10 Man Code Violations Drake Violates On The Regular

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Pursing your lips, rocking silk shirts…we can’t let this slide anymore

Drake Violating Man Codes

Last night, Drake jumped the shark and went full on girl on us with his “Girls Love Beyonce” song. It was yet another example of Drake saying eff it and making cotton soft music to slow dance and hump your body pillows to.

Well, it’s just Drake being Drake. Dude is a perpetual man code violator. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 10 codes Drake faithfully abandons.

Amber Rose emerges from Voyeur nightclub with Aubrey "Drake" Graham in tow

1. Messing Around With Other Guys’ Women – Drake openly pursues other guys’ women. He’s like a groupie or something. That’s not cool and he’s gonna get snuffed one day.

drake and ex girl

2. He Goes Through Women’s Purses – Did you hear him on “Lord Knows”…? He said he goes through his girls’ purses and checks their phones when they go potty.

drake wayne

3. Man Hugs – Dude gives the most sensitive, soft hugs to other dudes you’ll ever see. Not Ok, dude.


4. Singing Destiny’s Child – He sings Destiny’s Child songs for the general public. Not Luther. Not Smokey. Destiny’s Child. That’s reserved for the car ride with the windows up, dude.


5. Aaliyah Tattoo – You got an Aaliyah tattoo. Aaliyah? And she didn’t even know who you are? Come on, dog.


6. Saving These Broads – It’s a definite man law violation to grab the cape and start saving these strippers and fast women. You’re not Ilyana.


7. Silk Shirts – Silk shirts are for women, Tony Montana and The Rock. Since Drake is neither, he can’t pull it off. Maybe it feels good on his body. In that case, violation!

drake nicki minaj lil wayne

8. Sharing Women – Drake is all about making sure his dudes get the women he gets and they share bodily fluids with women like it’s one big liquid party going on. That’s not okay.


9. He Calls Himself “Champagne Papi” – *blank stare*


10. He Did What? – Drake once said he would rap Pusha T to himself in the mirror when he was a teenager. Um, you were 16 rapping to your brush in the mirror? Hell naw, man. You’re too damn old for that.


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