Light-Skinned Problems: 11 Reasons Why It’s Easy To HATE Drake

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drake-hyfr-video Aubrey Drake Graham is the most loved/HATED rapper alive, with a hypnotic falsetto that leaves women weak and simps teary-eyed. In 2013, his often pathetic combination of va***ally-driven behavior/audio menstruation makes him Rap’s easiest slander target. Here are ten reasons why it’s easy to HATE Drake. Take a look.
image 1. He epitomizes the everything that's hated about tender, delicate, warm milk-blooded light-skinned dudes.
Drake 2. He turned “Back That A$$ Up” into an ovary-soothing power ballad.
drake-aaliyah 3. He’s been harassing Aaliyah via Ouija Board for years and refuses to let her rest in peace.
Drake And Friends Perform At 2nd Annual October's Very Own Festival 4. He looks like a thumb with Ashanti’s sideburns as eyebrows.
drake girls love beyonce 5. He remixed a Destiny’s Child song (“Say My Name”) into “Girls Love Beyonce.”
DRAKE-TAKE-CARE 6. He gets away with Kotex-sponsored behavior that regular men can’t.
common-vs-drake 7. He wrote a song called “Been That Girl” from a woman’s perspective for Melanie Fiona.
drake cuddle 8. He’s the ultimate dweeb who probably croons delicately to his boo while painting her toenails.
drake2 9. His name is “Champagne Papi” on Instagram.
drake17 10. He’s a privileged rich kid from Canada who claims he “started from the bottom.” NAH.
Drake Cries When #DrakeCriesWhen 11. He activated an entire male generation’s inner-Keith Sweat.

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