Get Your Lawyer! Pt. 1: Famous Instances Of Celebrities Pressing Charges On Other Celebrities

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Crazy Celebrity Lawsuits

Celebrities get into arguments, fights and disagreements all the time. Sometimes they put their dukes up and fight it out. But other times they take it to court. Which is so not gangsta or hardcore. But they do it anyway. And most of the time these lawsuits are frivolous and dumb as hell. So let's look at some instances of celebrities filing lawsuits against each other and where they went.
110495-chris_brown_drake_potw_617_409 Chris Brown and Drake - They're suing each other over the fight stating that the other one started it.
JayzRKelly R. Kelly and Jay-Z - Kellz sued Jay-Z for their tour going to hell and accused Jay's people of assaulting him to boot.
kim kardashian reggie bush Kim Kardashian VS. Reggie Bush (Sort Of) - Kimmy sued Old Navy for using a "lookalike" to promote their clothing. But she was really just trying to get at Bush's boo and get at Reggie himself.
lil-wayne-vibe21-e1321307094236 Lil Wayne vs. Quincy Jones III - Quincy sued Weezy for trying to block his film that Wayne had originally given the go-ahead to do.
tony-parker-france-goggles Tony Parker - He sued Drake and Breezy for the fight that landed a shard of glass in his eye.
lohan2n-2-web Lindsay Lohan - She sued Pitbull for using her name in a lyric. Like that was gonna work.
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Easter Bunny Mariah Carey - She sued adult star Mary Carey for cashing in on Mariah's name to get downloads.
Outkast - Album Launch Party Rosa Parks - She sued Outkast for using her name, but it was really her estate pushing to earn some extra money.
Kanye-West-The-College-Dropout-Bear-600x420-5080 Ray Charles - His estate sued Kanye West for using his voice on Gold Digger"...Kanye stay getting sued. Pete Rock protest at City Hall Pete Rock - He opened up a lawsuit on Lupe Fiasco for using his beat without permission. But you know, Lupe is all YOLO.

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