Stans: Celebrities Who Got Tattoos Of Celebrities They WEREN’T Chopping Down

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Celebrities Get Tattoos Of Other Celebrities

We know that plenty of celebrities get their boos tatted on them to show love. But sometimes they go a little extra for people who they aren't chopping down. For example, these celebrities have tattoos of people they look up to or just good friends. Is it weird? Yes. But hey, let them do their thing. Plus they're rich enough to get those tattoos removed with ease.
drake-aaliyah-tattoo-back-e1333207865584 Drake - He got a tattoo of Aaliyah...who he never met.
birdmanlilwayne9 Lil Wayne - He has a Birdman tattoo on his cheek. They love each other.
birdman-2 Birdman - And of course he has a tat of Weezy.
fox Megan Fox - She has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her arm.
rihanna_tattoo17 Rihanna - She has Tupac "Thug Life" tatted on her knuckles. Hear her, Breezy!
wiz-khalifa-onifc_1 Wiz Khalifa - He has a Martin Luther King tattoo on his torso.
The Los Angeles opening night of 'Mike Tyson - Undisputed Truth' at the Pantages Theatre Mike Tyson - He has a tattoo of Che Guevara on his torso...before it was cool.
steve-o back tattoo Steve-O - He has a tattoo of himself on his back...and also a tattoo that says "Billy Bob" because he just wanted to copy Angelina Jolie's tattos. True story.

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