Khaki-Colored Ho Sit Down: Tan Mom Solicits Her Dried Out Box To Freak Flick Producers For “Professional Consideration”

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Tan Mom Wants To Do Adult Freaky Flicks

According to TMZ reports:

Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil wants more than a sun kiss … she wants to get plowed in a full-on freak flick — for a hefty price.

TMZ has obtained an email sent to Vivid Entertainment’s Prez Steve Hirsch, in which the 45-year-old leatherette says, “I see you are trying to buy this freak flick from this Teen Mom. Well, if you REALLY want to make more MONIES, then I would agree to let you film me and all my hotness.”

Krentcil, oblivious to shame, goes on: “I am far MORE popular and WAY HOTTER than Farrah!” And there’s more … “Men want a cougar and a real woman, not a teenybopper.”

But sex — and Krentcil — do not come cheap. She makes it clear to the Vivid honcho, “Contact me back if you’re ready to talk serious cash and rock the world.”

Sad ending. Hirsch sent a return email, telling T.M., “Unfortunately we don’t have a granny freak flick section on, but we feel your look would be perfect for radio. You could talk about everything you’ve ever done on a tanning bed.”

LMFAO! @ “your look would be perfect for radio”

This beyotch is delusional.

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