Ashanti and Sister: Hit and Miss

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Ashanti came to D.C. looking to get the President in trouble, busting all out of that dress at the Hip-Hop Summit Action Inaugural Ball. Peep Ashanti’s linebacker little sister, Q and Dawn, O’ Dog, and more when you pop the hood…

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  • Lnana


  • Kevin

    Why is TI dressed like he is going to the prom?

  • Oh I think she like me



    Why is Ashanti’s sister always squeezing her fat ass in a tight dress, or something short with her titties hanging out.

  • Oh I think she like me

    damn waitied to long LOL…umm but seriously Dawn and Q whatttttt

  • Candid Canuck

    I’d work her sister thoug still…..I like that chunky look with nice clevage

  • Brook Lynn Choclate Gyrl

    This is my favorite Thicky Kins sister duo, but Dizzaym!!! Why does Ashanti sister look like a stuffed dumplin!, lol

  • Lauren still Bleeds Green-Steelers SUCK

    Oooo chile! Lay off them Big Macs gurl!Hit the gym with ya sister!

  • http://Bossip Kimberley

    Funny I never knew she had a sister. Im sure the camera adds 15.

  • Lauren still Bleeds Green-Steelers SUCK

    Dawn is NOT cute…sorry boo.

  • Lauren still Bleeds Green-Steelers SUCK

    Why couldn’t DJ Clue either stay home or get his dingy azz dressed up? TRFLIN!

  • Skeezers Anonymous...

    Maybe moms diet was a lil different during each tri-mester?!?! :/

  • Skeezers Anonymous...

    On a good note….I am pleased that Ashanti decided to wax those sideburns before they connected under her chin! :)

  • iluvprada

    Okay…why isn’t Ashanti’s sister in the gym some where, or better yet why wear a dress like dat!
    Not cute!

  • Treasure

    Ashanti looks great ass usual. Bossip editors should be quite, They probably bigger than Shia with all of their negative crticism. I know they don’t look half as good as lil sis.

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