Isn’t He Married????

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Chris Rock likes to lean on strip clubs and one particular dancer according to recent rumors.

Chris Rock has turned up three times in the past month at the Hustler Club, where he’s entertained by the same dancer in one of the mammary mecca’s private rooms

Rock’s ‘private entertainment’ has been more frequent than any funny jokes or good movies lately. A not so funny lawsuit or divorce is probably on the way.



  • teri's middle name is minkuz

    FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pink vodka

    its just a picture for crying out loud.

  • MamaSita

    private rooms, huh?

    nothing good happens in those private rooms.

    wouldn’t suprirse me if his wife is *ahem* “considering her legal options”.

  • CubaLinda

    Allegations are loud and clear… but where’s the EVIDENCE??!!

  • Lil Jody

    Why are they using this picture? I hope that is not the alleged stripper, if so…damn Chris, downgrade.

  • I Stay SMH

    He likes titays…so what?

  • Baby Please

    Weren’t he and his wife getting a divorce?

  • I Stay SMH

    …and he clearly THINKS he loves his wife

  • Kay

    I thought they were divorcing anyway?

  • Mahogany

    Hell, his wife might’ve sent his worrysome behind TO the club.


    Men can be pests too.

  • I Stay SMH

    Coolio is getting a reality show.

    him and his 6 kids

  • I Stay SMH

    Mahoghany? are you a florist? LOL

    why do you insist on hanging out out here amongst the rest of the world?

  • Aphatty

    @ Reality –

    You beat me to it! That was the first thing that came to mind….

    No sex in the champagne room, Pookie!

  • Mzgapeach

    UH OH

  • American Wanksta Nov.2

    Damn yall gotta admit though that scripper kind of fine!!!

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