Gubment Conspiracy? 10 Burning Questions About Boston Bombing Saga

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bostonsuspects Without conspiracy theories and urban myths, life is far less enjoyable, especially in America where millions of paranoid weirdos believe that man never stepped on the moon. In most cases, these theories are completely-ridiculous (and hilarious) when they’re not somewhat legit like those on this list. Here are ten burning questions about the Boston bombing saga. Take a look.
60 minutes hack 9 60hack 0007447b-642 60_min_tweet A sophisticated Syrian eTerrorism group (“Syrian Electronic Army”) hacked the “60 minutes” and “48 Hours” Twitter accounts the night after bombing suspect #2 was captured and tweeted this photo along with several anti-Obama tweets. Uhhh, WTF? Photo credit: Twitter
166995148.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-large A)The brothers’ mother and father claim they were framed B) The now famous Uncle Ruslan adamantly denied the brothers knowing anything about terrorist stuff. Could they really have been set up?
1 2 245991542_2303168278001_bomb There was a “bomb training exercise” scheduled on the same day as Marathon bombing. Coincidence or conspiracy? Photo credit: Twitter
bostonmarathon2 Why were there bomb sniffing dogs in plain sight before the Marathon started?
roof17n-1-web-620x380 Who was the man on the roof?
mercedessuv The suspects reportedly stole a Mercedes-Benz SUV with a “Coexist” bumper sticker before fleeing to Watertown. But THIS isn’t a Mercedes. How could there be TWO stolen vehicles? mercedessuv2 Note: Recovered stolen vehicle has “Coexist” sticker. Mercedes didn’t.
article-2312378-19673BEC000005DC-42_470x573 Why didn’t U.S. Government act on tip about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011? The FBI interviewed dead Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years ago on suspicion of terrorist ties, but let him go despite strong intel provided by Russian Government.
photo14_1366226340872_402566_ver1 Sandy Hook Principal killed in shooting was at the Marathon? Heroic Principal Dawn Hochsprung was blocks away from the bombing after being killed months earlier at Sandy Hook? According to various news outlets, the image was manipulated and the conspiracy is simply untrue.
bostonsuspects Who trained the terrorist brothers and how did they acquire grenades? You can’t just purchase military-grade weaponry from Target.
CISPA- Was the bombing staged to push controversial privacy act (CISPA) through Congress? The House passed the fiercely-opposed cybersecurity bill granting the Government access to your emails, text messages and social network passwords while you were focused on bombing chaos.

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