Suspect Rappers: T-Pain Goes On Twitter Rant In Defense Of Gay Assistant “You Homophobics Can Unclench Your Butt”

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T-Pain luhs the skrippers and gays!

T Pain Defends Gay Assistant

The hip hop community might not be the obvious place for acceptance of the gay lifestyle but it looks like that attitude might be changing…

Via Urban Belle reports:

If T-Pain’s recent tweets are any indication, it appears that he also feels the same way about Hip Hop’s treatment of homosexuals. The other day he took to his Twitter account to slam people who have been acting pretty ignorant around his gay male assistant. Apparently he noticed that men have been acting uneasy when dealing with him, as if they are nervous that he might try to make passes at them. T-Pain wasted no time in reminding said men that his gay assistant has standards and options just like anyone else.


Later T-Pain posted a photo with his assistant and wrote:


In the club with the gayest and best assistant for the stars to touch this earth @ejking21 y’all can hate if y’all want to you can $!W!$ (suck it while its soft) f**k ya. Nappy Boy get the job done. Get ready! We bout to run this sh*t again.

T Pain has no problem with the gays!


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