BOSSIP Exclusive: NBA Baller Royce White’s Baby Mama Shows Proof He Sent Her $20K For Abortion And Exposes His Deadbeat Dirty Dog Ways

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Two of Royce White’s baby mamas sat down with Bossip to talk about the deadbeat baller and show proof that he’s paying for abortions all over the place!

Royce White’s Baby Mamas Talk About Him Being A Deadbeat Dad

Royce White may have a fear of flying but it is very obvious that he does NOT have a fear of women. The ex-Houston Rocket has been linked to several women, fathering as many as 5 children by 4 different women. Fatima Jaed and Jasmine Mattison, two of his baby mamas chatted with us to put the dirty dog athlete on blast…

Bossip: How did you you meet Royce and what first attracted you to him?

Fatima: I met Royce recently actually. We met in Orlando in mid 2012. I was down there visiting a friend and she had a friend that played for the Orlando Magic so we went to go hang out with him and Royce was around. Me and Royce had an instant connection so we kept in touch for months. We would text, talk on the phone and he would even fly me out to Houston to visit. I felt really comfortable with him so we started sleeping together. I thought we were friends and I could trust him. I let him know that I was pregnant and he totally changed on me. He called me a wh*re, sl*t and bi*ch and that I was just using him because he was a professional athlete. Even though, I never slept with any other athletes before him. I had to text him and blow up his phone to tell him I was pregnant and then he told me he already had two other kids. I didn’t even know he had kids….

Jasmine: I met Royce in highschool. We grew up in the same town so I’ve always kinda known him. We ended up going to the same college and became friends. We partied together and I was the girl always over his apartment. I was actually like his wingwoman. He would always have girls over his house and I would let him know if more girls would be coming over so we were just friends for a while. And then one day we just decided to have sex. And then boom. I got pregnant. We were never together or dated. We were just friends and one day that all changed. He told me I was going to get pregnant after we had sex. Like he already knew what was going to happen. He thought it was really funny.


Bossip: Was he happy about your pregnancies? How is he as a father?

Jasmine: *laughs* Are you serious? He’s a deadbeat! He doesn’t know how to be a father, he probably spells “Father” with a “ph” because he just doesn’t get it. My daughter calls him and he sends the calls the voicemail. He won’t pick up the phone for his own daughter! On her first birthday he didn’t even show up but he came to town for his friend’s boat party. So I see photos of him partying the same day as his daughter’s birthday. I just have to lie to her now and tell her he called or he’s busy. It really breaks my heart but he has nothing to do with her.


Fatima: He hasn’t denied my baby or pregnancy but he has claimed that he’s going to sue for custody so he won’t have to pay child support. He even offered me $20,000 for an abortion….

Hit the flip to read more of the interview, see photo proof of Royce’s $20k deposit and find out why Fatima never got the abortion!

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