T&A Tuesdays: These Celebrity Ladies All Claim That Their Super Sized Body Parts Are 100% Real….Do You Believe Them?

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TAfeat These ladies say their glorious body parts are God-given...

Celebrity Women Who Claim That They're Enlarged Body Parts Are Natural

Becoming famous is usually accompanied by a ridiculous cash flow and access to things that might have been off limits financially before the fame and fortune. In addition to being able to endlessly indulge in things like expensive cars, designer clothes, and high priced homes, celebrities also have access to a handful of people who can make them look however they want for a pretty penny. Among these people are plastic surgeons, and it's no secret that female Hollyweirders in particular spare no expense when it comes to them. Or do they? Not everybody goes the plastic surgery route to get bigger and better, right? Let's take a look at a list of limelight ladies who claim that their well-endowed bodies are 100% all natural. Do you believe them?
TA14 Salma Hayek Before there was ever any mention of a Kim Kardashian or a Buffie the Body, Salma Hayek had the hottest-body title all to herself. And she didn't have to pay for it.
TA2 Kenya Moore We sure don't remember Miss America like this. But Kenya says she got her bulging backside by hitting the gym and not by going under the knife or getting butt injections.  Ok.
TA8 Beyonce Bey has been working with a little something since she first stepped on the scene as a PYT over 10 years ago, but some people are skeptical still. Are you?
TA4 Tahiry Tahiry says her Dominican roots and her mother are to thank for these large and in charge lady lumps. Of course, Joe Budden also likes to think he had something to do with it. SMH.
TA12 Kate Upton As a "full-figured" model with a body to envy, Kate Upton has faced her fair share of skeptics. But even professional plastic surgeons themselves have looked at Kate's extra-large lady lumps and said they're all natural.
TA1 Deelishis Deelishis says there were no butt shots or implants for her, just lots of time at the gym and good genes.  It's just so hard to imagine someone being BORN with all of this though. Sheesh!
TA3 Sofia Vergara Sofia also credits her Latin roots for her vulumptuous curves. No one has really bothered to dispute her either. They're probably just thankful either way.
TA6 Amber Rose Amber has gone on record a few times defending her "natural" nockers and backside. It was probably that whole pole-dancer-gets-with-rapper thing that threw us all off and had us thinking they were paid for.
TA9 Kim Kardashian She says all four of her large assets are a part of her Armenian heritage. The jury has been out on this one for a while and doesn't appear to be coming back in with a favorable verdict any time soon.
TA13 Rick Ross We don't think anyone has ever asked but......they should. We're curious.

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