All Falls Down: 10 Reasons Why Kanye Is Tired Of Kim K.

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Kanye wanted what big brother Hov has—true love and happiness—but knocked up a Kardashian and watched his already chaotic life crumble in slow motion. At times, he seemed happy with Kimmy but it’s obvious he’s tired of the needy attention-slore.

Here are ten reasons why Kanye is tired of Kimmy K. Take a look.


1. He hates when Kimmy talks about her white girl problems while he’s trying to pick out glittery costumes for his concerts.

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2. He wanted a weak-minded white Goddess to smash and ignore, not a brand new swirly baby.

crying kim

3. Kimmy always sobs about Beyonce hating her and ignoring her texts.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Paris

4. Kimmy’s mouf skills still haven’t improved after her pathetic performance in the Ray-J “home movie.”


5. He’s fed up with Ray-J and his scorned baby mama antics.


6. Kimmy always kills his vibe complaining about her pregnancy weight gain.


7. He realized that Kimmy is nothing more than talentless eye candy with stressful baggage.

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8. Kimmy calls him hundreds of times a day like he’s not smashing every gorgeous French woman he sees on tour and recording in Paris.


9. He’s tired of explaining his fake-deep lyrics to Kimmy.


10. He loves himself too much to genuinely love a self-absorbed woman like Kimmy.

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