Next To The Stage: 11 People Who Should Replace Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey On Idol?

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Celebrities Who Should Host The Next Idol

Rumor has it that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are on the outs at American Idol. Their antics and the show's bad ratings have the people in charge apparently looking for a change. We don't blame them because the beef and crazy antics were a major distraction from the show. But have no fear, Idol people. We've come up with perfect replacements for them! Take a look and see how they'd fit.
beyonce-performs-single-ladies-amsterdam Beyonce - She'd be perfect. But she's so politically correct that she might not say what's really on her mind.
Adele Adele - She's the best singer in the world, so she'd be perfect.
2012 BET Awards - Roaming Inside And Backstage Kanye West - He's be incredible. Just imagine the insanity of Yeezy with a live mic.
Rihanna+7 Rihanna - Of course, if you get Rihanna you'd have to get...
Chris+Brown2 Chris Brown - Imagine how nervous the panel would be when these two disagreed. "Oh she can't sing...can she sing better than Karrueche!!!!"
Keyshia Cole performs at The Danforth Music Hall during her 'Woman to Woman Tour'. Keyshia Cole - She doesn't know much about singing but we can only imagine the drama she'd bring. It'd be great if she were on there with...
Kelly Rowland Kelly Rowland - She's a good voice and her and Keyshia would make Nicki and Mariah look like best friends.
mary-j-blige5 Mary J. Blige - Hey, at least she doesn't have to write anything.
tyreseeatingchicken3 Tyrese - Meh. Why not?
justin-timberlake-2013-1-500x281 Justin Timberlake - He's got the hottest album in the world and never misses. So if anyone is qualified why not him?
alg_drake_unionsquare021 Drake - If one rapper deserves a shot, it's Drizzy. He can make hits and wants to be Aaliyah.

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