Famous & Fugly: 11 Most “Facially-Challenged” Celebs

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trinidad_james10 Everyone is visually-attractive to someone unless you’re one of these unsightly celebs with fame-blurred looks. Some more hideous than others, it's amazing how millions make these celebs facially-tolerable. Here are the ten most facially-challenged celebs alive. Take a look.
BID9ylWCUAAB53r Trinidad James The rising Rap star (and his five or seven filthy teefs) is the most visually-unacceptable celebrity in the universe. How do you naturally look like “Jerome” from “Martin?!”
flavor-flav-mugshot-2012 Flavor Flav Flav looks like the bottom of a janitor boot with no hope for improvement. This is what Chief Keef’s future looks like.
Terrell Suggs The All-Pro defensive end has the most stressful facial situation in the NFL. Helmet on? He’s cool. Helmet off? Terrifying. Photo credit: Instagram
More Drama: Did "Swirlin' Scarface" Seal And His Terrible Temper Put The Smackdown On Heidi Klum Before Split??? Seal His crispity-crunchity face was the first thing Heidi Klum saw every morning for seven years. Yeesh.
oprah-presents-master-class-jay-z-e1305683575252 Jay-Z Hovvie Hov may be filthy rich and married to Beyonce but that doesn’t make his face any less camelly. If Stevie Wonder examined Hov’s facial features do you think he’d say the camel-faced mogul is “handsome?”
LilKimNewLookGotTheInternetBuzzingAskingWhatHappenToYourFaceQueenBee Lil’ Kim Liddo Kimmy was pretty before she evolved into an Asian sock puppet-faced disaster. Self-hatred is a helluva drug.
craig-mack-featured Craig Mack God hates Craig Mack and that’s reflected in his overall facial design.
Tiny-1350055317 Tiny Have you ever just stared at T.I.’s piglet-faced wife in complete disbelief, wondering why her face looks like...this?
lil-wayne-drinking-syrup Lil’ Wayne Weezy F. Baby and the F is for phenomenal fugly.
Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman Most people grow finer and wiser with age. Dennis Rodman just gets fuglier.
Steve_Buscemi_at_the_2009_Tribeca_Film_Festival Steve Buscemi Say something nice.

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