In White Folks News: Delusional Amanda Bynes Claims She’s Laughing All The Way To The Bank Like The Olsen Twins

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amanda bynes

Amanda, girl have several seats!

Amanda Bynes Claims She Has Olsen Twins Money

According to RadarOnline

Amanda Bynes is having visions of grandeur: she claims she has just as much cash as the Olsen twins.

“[I’m] in the Mary-Kate and Ashley type of wealth [category],” the troubled actress told In Touch magazine.

But a source close to 27-year-old Bynes – who’s been exhibiting bizarre behavior all over New York City — tells exclusively that the retired actress is hardly in the same tax bracket as the Olsens.

“Amanda is worth $5 to $6 million, not anywhere near Mary-Kate and Ashley’s money,” the insider said of the former Nickelodeon star.

Indeed, that’s a far cry from the pint-sized moguls, who are reportedly worth an estimated $300 million. But that hasn’t stopped Bynes from acting like she has Olsen-like cash.

“Her spending is out of control,” the source told In Touch of her shopping sprees, which reportedly include $11,000 on hair extensions, month-long stays at luxury hotels and huge cab fares.

But according to the insider, Bynes’ lavish lifestyle won’t last for long. Said the source: “[She’s] going to run out of money sooner or later. The girl no longer has an income.”

Better get your coins together. Its a Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez world.


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