All Of The Sads: Photo Gallery Of Kanye’s Mid-Life Crisis

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762477023 Kanye wasn’t always a shimmery midriff-baring weirdo. At one point, everyone rooted for the incredibly-talented college dropout-turned-Rap phenomenon. But now, years later, he’s trapped in a hopeless place, frolicking across the world dressed like an Erykah Badu victim. Here’s a photo gallery of Yeezy’s sad, but hilarious, mid-life crisis. And yes, this is probably all Kimmy Cakes’ fault. Take a look.
coupled-up-kimmy-cakes-and-kanye-spotted-shopping-for-baby-kimye Kanye stressed over Kimmy's refusal to rock the maternity dresses he lays out for her.
clique featured "BIG BROTHER HOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... Oh, hey Kim..."
kanye-west-drops-new-rant-in-paris Kanye dressed like a bedazzled snow creature, evil Easter bunny or whatever tortured creation he was supposed to be on his recent tour.
5 Cry for help or Taliban-fabulous? We say a mixture of both.
6 "Fierce" Kanye in a leather tutu (or kilt-skort) during the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert.
7 Sadderday.
8 (2) "HaHAAAAAA!!!!!! ....No."
Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Clippers Kanye realizing that his life is over.
11 (2) Nothing but stress and regret in Kanye's eyes.
Last KimYe in 20 years?

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