Daddy’s Girl? 7 Jay-Z Songs He Probably Doesn’t Want Blue Ivy To Hear

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Songs Jay-Z Doesn’t Want Blue Ivy To Hear

Jay-Z is a daddy now and he clearly loves his baby Blue Ivy. But Jay has also been one to say some not so great things about women. Even though he’s just being a rapper or whatever, Jay has been as misogynistic as any MC in the game. So what do you think will happen when she gets of age to understand lyrics and hears her dad saying what he says?

Maybe he should hide these songs from her.


Big Pimpin – Not only are the lyrics raw (“play with the d*** in the truck”), but Superhead is in the video and the less Blue Ivy knows about Jay knowing Superhead the better.

Jay-Z pays Kanye West a visit at his New York apartment,

That’s My B**** –  Jay and Yeezy ruffled some feathers with their song “praising” the special women in their lives.


N**** In Paris – You don’t think this has anything bad in it? Jay says he has a hot b-word in his home. He just call Blue Ivy’s mom a b-word? Not cool, Jay!


You Must Love Me – This throwback song breaks down all the ways Jigga manipulates a woman’s mind to make her do what he wants. Yikes.

Rap superstar Jay-Z (right) performs with Memphis Bleek at the SECC

Is That Your Chick? – Jay is at his worst here, double-timing his bars about bagging some dude’s girl and chopping her down. Hopefully he raps too fast for Blue to ever catch.


B***** and Sisters – Jay breaks down the difference between respectable women and the bottoms of society. Still, it’s a pretty raw track. Blue may want to wait until college for this one.

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Solange At RocNation Brunch

Girls, Girls, Girls – Here Jay raps about allllll the women he’s chopping down at once. Hope he wrapped it up, too.


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