Oh You Mad? 7 Celebrities Who Hate Bossip

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Celebrities Who Have Been Angry At Bossip

We at Bossip know that we can ruffle some feathers. Between reporting all the juicy stories and delivering our specific brand of commentary, we know we can be a bit abrasive to those people we report on. Hey, it's all in fun.   Plus, we heard that if you aren't making someone mad then you're probably just not doing it right. So, hopefully we can all be friends again, but until then here are the celebrities who are mad at us.
rick-ross-finger-gun1-585x397 Rick Ross - We approached him on the red carpet and asked him about what he thinks about his Officer Ricky moniker. He was none too pleased.
kmichelle K. Michelle - Yeah we all saw her flip out over the fact that we write about her private reality show life that she doesn't want anyone to know about.
joe flamming budden Joe Budden - A while back, we said that Tahiry was way out of his league and he went on a Twitter rant. By the way, this is him looking like he got run over by a Wal-Mart truck.
Keyshia Cole performs at The Danforth Music Hall during her 'Woman to Woman Tour'. Keyshia Cole - What did we ever do to her that she hasn't done to herself? Hell, we're a lot nicer than Twitter is to her.
vibe-vixen-erica-mena-LHHNY-600x400 Erica Mena - These reality show people sure are sensitive aren't they?
Karrueche-Tran-hello Karrueche - She actually thinks we hate her! Noooo boo boo. We hope you actually stick around for a few more years after Breezy. Hey cutie pie.
Teyana Taylor Teyana Taylor - She apparently doesn't like the way we do things here...too bad. We like your shoes though! Maybe we can get Karrueche to tell you we're not bad.

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