Wrath Of Blue Ivy: Photo Gallery Of Hov & Bey’s Parenting Struggles

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top Blue Ivy is carried like groceries, watermelons, handbags and a football by Hovvie Hov and Bey who seem overwhelmed by their grown a$$ toddler. At this point, it’s obvious that she’s a mutant “different” from most 1-year-olds (who don't age like TV sitcom kids). Most stressful baby in the game? You be the judge. Here’s a photo gallery of Hovvie Hov & Bey’s struggles with Princess Blue. Take a look.
1 “Turn down for what?”
2 “Why mommy always carrying me like bags of groceries?”
4 “Why daddy treat me like animal?”
"Just pooted on the low and mommy ain't eem know it"
o-JAYZ-BLUE-IVY-570 “Can I BREATHE? Damn!”
7 “This 'ole Solange-faced heffa almost dropped me…AGAIN”
8 Father of the year.

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