You Dumba$$: Soon After Jason Collins Comes Out The Closet Moron Baller Mike Wallace Posts Homophobic Sub-Tweets About Gays

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Mike Wallace

He’s got a mohawk and parts in his head worried about who’s gay…SMH

Jason Collins has just made history as the first openly gay American professional athlete and hours later, fools like Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Wallace hits “send” on a tweet that will likely cost him BIG money!

Mike Wallace (Wallace17_daKid) on Twitter 1

Like most beyotch-azz-ninjas, Mike went back and deleted the tweet that he was so confident in and replaced it with some fugazi clean-up tweet that just makes him look worse.

Mike Wallace (Wallace17_daKid) on Twitter 2

Nah Mike, say it with ya chest, don’t ho-out now!

The moral of the story is, STAY THE FAWK OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA WITH YOUR B!T%CHAZZEDNESS! Mike could have said this to his bigot friends if he felt a type of way, but what is the purpose of saying things like this on Twitter?? The only thing tweets like this can do is kill your potential sponsorships, infuriate gays, and get you fined by the NFL. It’s just not worth it….

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