Drugs Are Bad M’kay: Photo Gallery Of Justin Bieber’s Thug Evolution

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Top We don’t know exactly when Biebs evolved into a Stage 3 hoodrat but he’s clearly one sizzurp-sip away from teardrop tats and drug charges. Seems like only yesterday when he was pop music’s teeny-bop heart throb before morphing into the white male Rihanna. Here’s a photo gallery of Justin Bieber’s step-by-step hoodratification. Take a look.
1 "
2011-justin-bieber-film-opens-early-with-30-tickets_large Pre-bath salts, sizzurp, yayo, kush, cinnamon snorting-Bieber. 2 Post-drugs Bieber.
3 You have to reach DMX levels of rock snortation to get a Tootsie Pop Owl tattoo.
4 “Thug Life” Pac with a splash of Joe Budden power vest realness. Only Iyanla can “fix” this.
5 Spiked yellow snapback. Purplish animal print leggings. Two watches. ALL Weezy’s fault.
6 Justin Bieber and R. Kelly in a hotel room together, unsupervised. The Pied Pipaaaaaaa strikes again.
7 Lil Twist ruined Justin Bieber’s life.
8 Biebs looks like a swaggy stud in most of his newer pics. Young Ellen Degeneres swag.
Last Beginning of the end?

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