Famous By Affiliation: 9 Infamous Celebrity Tagalongs

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rihanna-melissa-forde Behind every celebrity is a regular nobody who’s only famous by affiliation. Irrelevant when alone, these celebrity tagalongs flourish in the flashing lights because of who they know, not what THEY, themselves, do. Here are the nine infamous celebrity tagalongs. Take a look.
Melissa Forde, Rihanna’s personal assistant/BFF Her only purpose is to drag a wasted RiRi out of clubs, answer the phone (and cover for her) when Chris calls and take the drug charges if RiRi’s tour bus ever gets pulled over.
julius-and-beyonce1 Julius, Beyonce’s head bodyguard When he’s not protecting Bey Bey and Blue from the paparazzi, stans and “lessers” he’s rumored to be smashing Queen Beysus’ wigs out of place on the low.
Ariane-Davis-Mimijpg Ariane Davis, Mimi’s BFF/"Love & Hip-Hop" scene decoration No one really knows why Ariane is on “Love & Hip-Hop: ATL, Season 2” but it doesn’t matter because she’s stunning. Prettiest reality show mannequin ever.
Safaree-and-Nicki-Minaj-leaving-the-atlanta-concert Safaree Samuels, Nicki’s hypeman/manservant/boo thang He’s living a life that most fame-thirsty dudes dream of with daily duties that include carrying Nicki’s bags, packing her wigs, providing ad-libs during shows and smashing when summoned.
Shekinah-1347310583 Shekinah Anderson, Tiny’s hair stylist/occasional baby sitter The super-hood, weave glue-scented oompa loompa is a rising star on VH1’s “The Family Hustle” where the joke is always on her.
8 Lil Twist, Justin Bieber’s BFF He’s the devil on Bieber’s shoulder responsible for the Pop heart throb’s sizzurp-fueled hoodratdom.
terrell-with-kita-and-mo Mo & Kita, Terrell Owens’ co-publicists/BFFs Before T.O. went broke, he was surrounded by two of the most stereotypically overbearing Black women he could find, and befriend. On or off-field, T.O. just can’t win.
Malika Haqq, Khloe Kardashian’s BFF The one Black friend the Kardashians can point to if they’re ever accused of being racist.
umbr.large2 Fonzworth Bentley, Diddy’s manservant Diddy’s wildly-flamboyant manservant-turned-“rapper” danced, pranced and twirled with the same umbrellas he held for his boss. Why he insisted on frolicking around with AKA umbrellas, we still don’t know.

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