Angry Birds: Phaedra Slams Kenya Moore For Calling Her “Too Fat” To Make A Fitness Video And Says Her Stallion Booty Is Plastic Surgery Fake!

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Phaedra puts Kenya on blast!

Phaedra Parks Says She Was Pregnant While Filming Fitness Video

Phaedra revealed in an interview that she did with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show that she was in fact three months pregnant when she was filming for her Phine Booty fitness DVD

Via Rickey Smiley:

“Well I was three months pregnant when I made the video. We just didn’t reveal it on the show. But I was three months pregnant. But umm, too fat? Hmm, y’all see me. I’m thin and pregnant. Not even thin but I’m around a regular sized woman. I’m all natural. All this God gave me, I grew it. And I mean, everybody’s not made to be skinny, everybody’s not made to be fat. So you gotta be happy in the skin you’re in. So I’m advertising what’s real.”

Phaedra says that people sometimes come down way too hard on pregnant women:

“Well I mean what you gotta remember, when women are pregnant, they’re going through a whole transition. I’m growing a baby, she’s [Kim Kardashian] growing a baby. And I mean, people are too hard on pregnant women. I mean obviously you don’t wanna gain a lot of weight. But at the end of the day, some people do. I mean, it just happens. You’re not supposed to be skinny and pregnant.”

Phaedra needs to sit down somewhere. Instead of wobbling around making fitness vids and keeping up her mediocre body she needs to be wondering why her hubby keeps getting caught with his pants down with other women….

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