And The Struggle Award Goes To: Mimi Faust Still Hurt Over Rat Face Stevie J And Dirty Doggin’ Her For Joseline Hernandez

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mimi and stevie

We can’t help but think when we look at Love and Hip Hop ATL that Mimi must not have gotten enough hugs as a child for her to constantly put herself through the same s***.

Mimi Faust Still Hurt By Stevie J

According to Twana Tells

“What ever he put me through if you think the love turns off just because he put me through some s***, you crazy, it don’t work like that.”

“This s**t still hurts today! That’s the bottom line. I’m not gonna sit up here and lie to you, this s*** still hurts me. Every time I see them two m*******as (Joesline) together, that s*** hurts me…”

Check out Stevie J’s response

Mimi get it together girl. No black peen is that good.

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