RIP Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly: 5 Reasons Why Everyone Loved Kris Kross

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cd-cover The Mac Daddy may be gone but his impact on Pop culture is undeniable. As ½ of legendary cool kid Rap Duo Kris Kross, he helped inspire an entire generation to live life backwards and care-free. Without them, artists Bow Wow, Sammie and Mario wouldn’t exist. Here are fix reasons why everyone loved Kris Kross. Take a look.
Kris_Kross_Jump “Jump” This. Was. The. JAM. And still is, to this day. Didn’t matter if your birthday party was at Chuck E. Cheese, Discovery Zone, Pizza Hut or the skating rink, this had to be blasted at ignorant levels least 50 times. On repeat.
Kris+Kross+kriskrossjumpwebcastr '90s Fashion Icons Kris Kross had everyone rocking Cross Colours overalls backwards to school and regretting it when they had to pee. If you didn’t dress exactly like them or rock Black Bart Simpson shirts, slap bracelets and British Knights, you weren’t “cool.”
article-2263127-16F73FEA000005DC-186_634x822 Hip-Hop’s Coolest Teeny-Bop Heart Throbs Most girls had at least five boyfriends in their head, at one time, in the ’90s: Mac Daddy, Daddy Mac, Batman and Romeo from Immature and RoRo from Another Bad Creation. And yes, Kris Kross stayed on the Trapper Keeper.
tumblr_m89vtkTkMr1rsidvqo1_500 Iconic Hip-Hop slang Very few Rap quotables are more nostalgic than “Wiggity-wiggity-wiggity-wack”—the ultimate declaration of wackness since '92.
KrissKross160113 Realest 12-year-olds ever Millions of bus-chasing kids related to “I Missed The Bus” and vowed to actually start catching theirs. One of the realest records in Hip-Hop history? Absolutely.

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