Go Ahead, Talk About The Cankles

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The beautiful and talented Alicia Keys arrived at her hotel in London last night after visiting Italy. We’re definitely loving Alicia’s new “I’m a sophisticated woman, not a tomboy” look these days, but we’re still on the fence about those log legs. She still looks beautiful none-the-less…


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  • hummingbirdee

    She’s just a thick chick with big legs. I have some logs too.

  • MsDade305

    she has ugly ass legs.

  • http://www.gravatar.com I wonder

    She looks really nice………I love that coat

  • Kay

    I think she looks nice. She has shapely legs. Who wants legs that looks like baseball bats???????

  • http://www.gravatar.com I wonder


    U would be surprised at who does want legs like baseball bats…..

  • CubaLinda

    She looks ca-yute!!

  • Kim

    Loving the new look on her!

  • MaxB

    Her legs look fine. Stop being nitpicking babies.

  • Punda


  • http://www.myspace.com/godwell GODWELL

    Say what you want…


    Anyday, Anytime, Anywhere…

    She can GET IT!

  • http://www.myspace.com/godwell GODWELL

    I can tear down HOUSE NIGGS and COONS alllllll DAY!

    ALICIA, doesn’t deserve it and she gives back!

    Leave the good Blacks alone.

  • Ms. Keys

    She have some pretty legs She really do. I think she is pretty.

  • http://www.gravatar.com I wonder

    @Oh F@ck That!!!

    The only people who get “thick” mixed up with “fat” are the people who claim to be thick…..

  • smartie

    Um, Mary ? Don’t let me start about YOUR cankles and how YOU look in heels. Pigeon toed, knocked kneed with knees slightly bent so you don’t fall forward and walking like a gorilla in heels is not a good look. Please review the footage of you in any and all Divas Live appearances. Hell, go back further to your Real Love video looking like a walking X wearing knee pads to hide the “knock kneedness”. Then let’s discuss Alicia.

  • smartie

    Mary J.

    My sincerest apologies since I didn’t read your entire post. I’m a serious Alicia fan and I thought you were going at her so I had to stick up for my girl. Forgive me please !

    Love ya dearly, but not queerly…

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