Flagrant Foul: Lala Anthony Claps Back At Boston Celtics Baller Jordan Crawford For Talkin’ Slick About Her Box!

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Last night after the Knicks-Celtics game there was a near-fade over Lala Anthony’s “Honey Nut Cheerios”

Lala Anthony Posts Instagram Photo Responding To Jordan Crawford’s Disrespectful Comments

Just when you thought things were all good between the Knicks and the Cetics, a Gatorade-sippin, bench-warmer starts the war again.

For those that aren’t adept at reading lips, Jordan clearly says “That muthaf***a f****ed yo’ wife!”

To his credit, Carmelo smiled and played it cool, but Lala wasn’t quite as diplomatic as her husband.

lala IG

The caption that Lala reads:

“Try again. You on the bench for a reason.”

Tell ‘em La! What type of grown man is concerned with who another grown man is or ISN’T sleeping with?!? SMH

Image via Instagram

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