Thee Most Gay “Mr. Cee Pics” Of All Time [Photos/Video]

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mr cee jimmy Yo, Mr. Cee is as gay as Jason Collins and was just caught again fulfilling his Trans-Fetish. We have all the "suspectacular" photos from this guy's career... Turn it to enjoy...
gay mr cee7 We've all heard rumors of Busta being the undercover Gay MC... and his boy is Mr. Cee, sooooo.....
I'm gay "He's going in!"
gay mr cee2 No excuse for a man eyeballing another man like Mr. Cee is doing to poor Malice in the picture above.
gay mr cee3 That fit though!
diddy mr cee They say that Mr. Cee has a special "relationship with Diddy."
gay mr cee5 This weird alliance Flex has with his booty busting friend Mr. Cee makes you wonder. But, forget all that though, it looks like he's on speed in the picture above... and we have heard that the gay community likes to do meth and sweat heavy. Hmmmmmm...
gay mr cee1 The look on his face in his pictures... it screams "I'm gay the hip hop way!"
gay mr cee6 It looks like he's thinking in this picture... "Homie.. I'll eat your booty!"
gay mr cee9 SMH. Turn the page for the video of the Trans dude he was caught getting neck from putting him on blast.
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