Shots Fired R&B Diva Nicci Gilbert Puts Black Women On Blast For Fighting On Reality TV “Blacks Are Angry, Violent And Classless!”



Pot meet one black azz kettle!

Nicci Gilbert Talks About Black Women Being Violent On TV

Via UrbanBelle reports:

Though the “mean girl” image that she has been tagged with hasn’t sat well with Nicci Gilbert, she has gotten to a point where she doesn’t care much about the people’s opinions of her as she told Madame Noire in a recent interview that she is not concerned about what people think about her behavior. And with season 2 of R&B Divas, Nicci Gilbert definitely is involved in some drama as the beef between her and Syleena Johnson has escalated, Syleena telling Nicci to “suck a bag of ten d*cks” as Nicci walked out of the house after a heated exchange took place between them.

Clearly, Nicci forgot about her angry bird ways and went on a huge rant about the treatment that some black women get because of the actions of a “select few”…



Nicci isn’t done yet! Hit the flip to peep what else the reality star had to say. Do you think Nicci is right or just being a hypocrite?

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