Cry Me A River: Julianne Hough Caught Boo-Hoo’ing After Bumping Into Suspect Ex Ryan “I Make It Rain” Seacrest

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Aw, poor Julianne is having a hard time saying “Bye, Baby” to Ryan Seacrest.

Via Page Six reports:

Ryan Seacrest and ex Julianne Hough had an emotional meeting that left her in tears. Hough was at Soho House LA Saturday when she bumped into Seacrest with TV exec Ben Silverman. “Julianne went to Ryan and kissed him . . . they went to a quiet area to talk,” a spy said. “They had an emotional chat . . . it looked like Julianne was wiping tears. Ryan then walked her back to her table and kindly said goodbye.” But,“It doesn’t look like they’re getting back together, though they clearly still have strong feelings for each other.”

Can’t say that we blame her. It’s hella hard watching a wallet full of wads of cash walk away!


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