Really?? NRA Youth Magazine Ad Advocates Weapons For Children And Inside BB Gun Shooting

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NRAkidsMore random ridiculousness courtesy of the NRA….

New NRA Youth Magazine Promotes Indoor BB Gun Use For Children

Despite the increasing number of numerous reports of school-aged children becoming both victims and suspects of gun violence across the United States, the National Rifle Association continues to think it’s a great idea for children to have access to weapons.

via Think Progress

The National Rifle Association (NRA)’s overtures to children have come under fire after its annual conference last week, which advertised weapons for children and advocated storing firearms in kids’ rooms just on the heels of the fatal shooting of a two year old by her five year old brother.

A ThinkProgress review of the NRA children’s magazine, InSights, found another piece of disturbing advice: kids should build target ranges inside their homes.

The article, “BB, It’s Cold Outside,” ran in the January 2013 edition of InSights.

The spread features a picture of a young-looking boy holding a BB gun next to a fireplace, and is addressed to children who are “shooting a real gun now” but can’t wait to practice until it’s warm enough outside to make firing one fun.

The NRA article recommends that, instead, the child build a home BB gun range to keep up.

What the hell???

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