Enough Is Enough: Top 10 Trends That Need To DIE

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asapyeezy Without popular trends to embrace and follow, most people would be outsiders in today’s fad-obsessed society. Whatever the cool kids (or celebs) do, sheep-minded hypebeasts do, and stressful fads turn into movements. Here are the ten trends that need to die ASAP. Take a look.
130426154601-russell-westbrook-game-1-single-image-cut Fashionista Men “Fierce” straight men wear liquid leggings, silky capris, leather skorts, dresses with timbs and shimmery halter tops in 2013. How we got here is life’s greatest unsolved mystery.
photo(1) Daily Selfies Outfit selection selfie. Stuck in morning traffic selfie. Bored at work selfie. Work bathroom selfie. Stuck in rush hour traffic selfie. Night-night selfie. How attention-starved can you be? Photo credit: Twitter
Mollies Trinidad James made the brain-melting recreational drug seem like the greatest thing ever before studies showed that it causes internal-bleeding and chronic psychosis. Photo credit: Instagram
Beyonce_01_1704813a Patra-Keylolo-Moesha-Janet Jackson in “Poetic Justice” Box Braids Beyonce brought 1992 back and Instagram has smelled like musty kanekalon ever since. Nope.
instagram-inspiration Words…on Instagram Posting paragraphs, thesis statements, dissertations, soliloquys, haikus and sonnets on a PHOTO SHARING APP defeats the purpose of Instagram. That’s what Twitter and Facebook walls are for.
trinidad-james-that-turn-up_0 Turn Up Movement Between the YOLO and “Turn Down For What?” movements, this is the most death-thirsty generation in American history.
tweeting Oversharing on social networks It’s perfectly OK to put your phone away and enjoy your meal or outing without sharing this with the internet. We promise it is.
lil wayne Sizzurp Every time you sip the popular sedative/pain killer mixture, five years are shaved from your life.
h67E7177F Cosby Show/B*tches Be Like… Memes People have beaten these dead horses with sledge hammers for months. Enough is enough.
booty Booty Shots There’s nothing healthy about injecting Fix-A-Flat, cement or anything into your booty cheeks to enhance them, ladies. Embrace your flatty flat-cheek flaws.

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