Beckies Galore: Maxim Releases 2013 “Hot 100” Can You Guess Which THREE Black Faces Made The List???

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Feat hot 100

Damn, only 3 out of 100 huh? That’s how y’all feel Maxim??

Maxim Releases The 2013 Hot 100

Like they always do about this time, Maxim Magazine has released their latest list of lovely scantily-clad ladies of this year. Now we already know that African-Americans aren’t exactly Maxim’s target demographic, but in a list of 100 beautiful women only THREE are black?!

Sorry, but there are DEFINITELY some women of color who look WAY better than some of the ironing-board butt broads they put on this list, but we’ll get into that tomorrow.

Today, we’ll show you which Beckies THEY think qualify as “Hot 100” material, and the few of the ladies on the browner side of things that have been “honored” by this prestigious publication.


#18 Beyoncé

Ok, ok, Blue Ivy’s mama was a pretty obvious choice (even though she barely cracked the top 20), but we guarantee there is one that you didn’t see coming, flip the pages to find out who she is!


#78 Ke$ha


#28 Olivia Munn

Danielle Fishel

#27 Danielle Fishel


#22 Christina Hendricks


#20 Megan Fox


#15 Scarlett Johansson


#3 Rihanna

Yeah, you might have guessed that Robyn might have made her way onto Maxim’s coveted list. There are definitely white guys across America saying: “Bro, Rihanna is HOT dude!”

Katy Perry

#11 Katy Perry

Kate Upton

#8 Kate Upton

Mila Kunis

#4 Mila Kunis

"VH1 Divas" 2012 - Show

#1 Miley mickiefickin’ Cyrus!

Number 1?! Miley?!?! Granted she’s undergone her new adult transformation but “hottest woman in the world”?! They must be poppin’ Mollies and sweatin’ up at Maxim…smh

Hit the flipper to see the final surprise black beauty that made Maxim’s list, plus a few Latina ladies that deserve some shine.

Democratic Convention

#54 Kamala Harris

That’s right! The Attorney General of California and the “Best looking Attorney General in the U.S.” according to POTUS Barry-O, made the list!


#38 Zoe Saldana

Naya Rivera

#45 Naya Rivera

Eva Mendes

#57 Eva Mendes


#53 Shakira


#49 Sofia Vergara


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