Kim Kardashian’s Sister Mad at People Dissing Her Swirl Steez

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Khloe Kardashian contacted us and wanted us to give a little shine to her venting tirade about swirling she did on her blog:

Recently though my site has been bombarded with cruel and unnecessary remarks about race and I can’t sit back and keep my mouth shut any longer. I personally am shocked that in this day and age people are still so judgmental and racist — it blows my mind! I was raised to believe that all people are created and viewed as equals and never judged by something as meaningless as the color of their skin! I guess I am blessed to have parents that didn’t brainwash me and cloud my thoughts with their petty views. I was raised to judge a person by their spirit and heart. I base my opinions of people by how they treat me and others. Point blank! How does one person’s color,… …weight, height, language define who they are? It is sad that people are so mean and so willing to promote their ridiculous views! It’s almost like they think it’s cool to be racist and prejudiced. Leaving comments like that are just wrong! I love all my fans, I really do! And I love when you guys defend your opinions but I can only read so much foolishness before I feel I have to say something. I hate erasing comments that you guys post because I want you all to feel like your voices are valid but some comments are so brutally heartless that I have to get rid of them. I feel like I am playing a game that I can never win — if I hung out solely with my own race then I myself would be considered racist and someone would comment on that issue. If I have friends of all different races, then what? Is that unacceptable too? I have friends of all different races and ethnicities and I am blessed to be exposed to so many different cultures — I wouldn’t change it for the world. If I want to date a man that treats me great, then I will! I don’t care what color his skin is as long as I am treated and loved the way I want. If I want to be friends with someone who is loyal and lives up to my expectations of a friend, then I will! I don’t care what she looks like. People, we have so many other things in this world to focus on. Get a life! And if you don’t like who my friends are or if you don’t like who I am dating then get off my website! It’s that simple!

Well, well, well. It is official, Kim’s sister has been initiated into a secret swirly society known as “Hooked on the D”. SMH

How do you feel about her rant? Attempt at being a media whore?



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  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Who cares? Hope everyone thanked GOD for friday this morning

  • REE


  • Allison Mae

    Khole, please shut the h3ll up!…Naw, for real I kind of like Khole, she and Kourtney seem to be down to earth.

  • pm

    she seems like a pretty tough girl, I wouldn’t think she would let other people opinions get to her.

  • Sit yo five dollar ass down before I make some change ( IMA .....A Diva!!!)

    Who cares who she dates….at least she is happy….Stop hating Bossip…LOL

  • grillfixer

    I was raised to believe that all people are created and viewed as equals and never judged by something as meaningless as the color of their skin!

    This the wrong answer! my color is meaningless?? I guess she tell’s her black friend’s, I don’t even see u as a black person, or like ur colorless!!

    Just another way of saying i don’t respect u! and thank god u don’t respect ur self! or i couldn’t say all the shit i do to u and around u!!

    O n by the way Bossip! this story also is boring!!

  • DICooper

    I’d have to talk real quick and then, out of the blue, bang.

  • MissK

    In 2009 I wish people would get a life and stop caring about who is humping who…

  • Black Beauty

    Yeah, I’m sure that she and her sisters look past the muscles, money, fame, smooth chocolate skin, swagger, and see their souls. lol I will admit that she has a point, but I still think that she is full of sh**.

  • Kim

    Khloe ROCKS!

    Do you, girl~!

  • me01

    Okay, her boyfriend looks SWEET…..

  • cutemama007

    Who gives a flying fluck who this butter face dates? The only reason people are giving her a hard time is because no ones likes her or her tramp ass sister. sitcho hefty ass down yamp! Access denied! Why would anyone waste their time typing out novels to strangers that don’t matter?

  • Anonymous

    All I know is I heard he got something he can’t get rid of so she needs to be careful!!

  • cutemama007

    Oh yeah, her man does look like a sugar plumb fairy. I’m jus sayin! Lmfao

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