The Side Eye: Convicted Statutory Rapist Shane Sparks Says He Believes Michael Jackson Molested Choreographer Wade Robson

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Shane Sparks

Shane, how are you a convicted statutory rapist and you passing judgment on someone found not guilty of a crime? Ho sit down.

Shane Sparks Says He Believes Wade Robson

According to TMZ

Former “America’s Best Dance Crew” judge Shane Sparks — a convicted statutory rapist — has Wade Robson’s back … telling TMZ, he believes Michael Jackson molested the choreographer.

TMZ broke the story … Wade has filed a claim with the MJ Estate, alleging the King of Pop molested him for 7 years, from the time he was 7 until he turned 14.

Shane tells TMZ, “I’ve been knowing Wade forever. Because of the man he is, I do believe him. I don’t think he would lie about this because this could hurt him … He don’t need the publicity or the money. I think this is something that has been on his mind and he had to get it off.”

Shane tells us, a big clue emerged soon after he met Wade, who was not much older than 7 at the time.

According to Shane, Wade’s tiny apartment was filled with ridiculously expensive electronics — mixing boards, beat machines, video games, and other “rich kid” toys … all of which were gifts from Michael.

Shane says Wade was so tight with MJ, he was allowed to host birthday parties at Neverland Ranch without Michael present — and the only room that was off limits was Michael’s bedroom.

Background on Shane, a self-professed MJ fan … back in 2011, he was convicted of having unlawful sex with a minor under 16.

It doesn’t help Wade’s case that a convicted statutory rapist comes to his defense. SMH.


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